Maggie Gllewicz
Maggie GIlewicz

Maggie Gilewicz is a PhD, is a sociologist, transformative coach and author of “How to Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Suck.”



“When our thoughts change, our experience of life and everything in it changes.”



Maggie Gilewicz

A life changing book by Maggie Gilewicz




This book isn’t about positive thinking. It’s about radically changing your perspective and thus your life, for greater freedom, flexibility and happiness.

Dr. Gilewicz created a path to mental health and test drove it on her students in England and in Vietnam. One of her most interesting findings was that our global state of mind is not so great. Depression is common, particularly in younger people.


“People look at life from the outside in perspective.

Their stories, their beliefs feel very real to them….

the inside out perspective allows us to see people, beyond their words, their stories and their actions.”


This podcast is rich in experience and wisdom. It resonates with people, regardless of spiritual practice, nationality and age. The language is relatable and the message is clear:


“Stop looking outward for solutions.”


Society has conditioned us to look outside ourselves for happiness and acceptance. But it’s not a path to happiness, as most of us have found. Dr. Maggie Gilewicz has produced a book for all of us, one that offers a path to mental health and happiness that just might make sure that your life doesn’t suck.

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Dr. Maggie Gilewicz