Judy Pearson: The Amazing Story of Mary Lasker




“The hardest step to make is always the first one in any journey.

And so I tried to give my life meaning by doing that.

And I hope by sharing that story, I can help others find meaning in their lives.”


-Judy Pearson


Bump In The Road:

Judy Pearson On The Amazing Mary Lasker

Judy Pearson and Crusade to Heal America: The Remarkable Life of Mary Lasker


Judy Pearson is a storyteller. Her books range from World War II adventures (such as Wolf at the Door, a must read!) to her more recent foray into health related stories. While writing her previous book From Shadows to Life: A Biography of the Cancer Survivorship Movement, Judy realized she has an even better story, that of Mary Lasker.

Mary Lasker was a woman of the Roaring Twenties. She embraced social change, women’s voting rights and reveled in the relative freedom of the times. She was also a passionate and adventurous person. Her passions took her from Wisconsin to NYC  where her interest in art led her to arrange the first Chagall exhibit in the US. During the depression she became an entrepreneur, creating celebrity endorsed dress patterns so that women could afford to dress like woman such as Joan Crawford.

When Mary married Albert Lasker, an advertising pioneer, it was the love affair of the century. Although the two were twenty years apart, age was no obstacle. Mary and Albert joined forces to rebrand the American Society for the Control of Cancer to the American Cancer Society. Between his advertising genius and her networking and social abilities, this couple would change the understanding of cancer.


Crusade To Heal America: The Remarkable Life of Mary Lasker

The story of Mary Lasker


This month is breast cancer awareness month and Judy Pearson is a survivor of triple negative breast cancer. She is also the founder and creative force behind A 2nd Act  You can read more about Judy’s story here.

Judy Pearson:  Stories of Strong Women



“Cancer never comes at a good time in anyone’s life.”



“But it led me down the most wonderful path that I never expected.



“Albert and Mary Lasker were the love story of the century.”



“American Society for the Control of Cancer’s sole purpose was to print booklets.”



“Mary went to see them and couldn’t believe that they were doing no research.”



“We scientists look at cancer as a problem to be solved. Mary Lasker looks at it as an enemy to be slain.”



“The hardest step is the first step.”


Bump in the Road

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