Nancy Perpall: Love, Law, Divorce and Wisdom

“There’s no one to really give us any rules of life.”

-Nancy Perpall

​Bump In The Road:

Nancy Perpall



Nancy Perpall: Divorce, Law and Wisdom


Nancy was a well regarded nurse, but when she suggested improvements within the medical system, no one took her seriously. She wondered what she could do to be heard:


“What can I do to be taken seriously? So I went to law school.”



Nancy set her sights on becoming a malpractice lawyer, a natural compliment to her medical background. But instead she was assigned to divorce cases.


“Divorce is woman’s work,” she was told.



That was 32 years ago. Since then Nancy has build a substantial and highly profitable practice centered on divorce. Through her own travails and those of her clients, she has come to see certain patterns.


On Marriage: Probably 75% of the people said to me, in the first interview, I knew I was making a mistake;
On Infidelity: There’s sexual infidelity, there’s emotional infidelity. And now in family law, we talk about financial infidelity.
On Narcissistic Behavior: Narcissism is really feeling so inadequate.


From her experiences she has written a novel “Around Which All Things Bend” that tackles aspects of marriage, relationship and human behavior.  And in her upcoming book The Malnourished Marriage she looks at some of the relationship pitfalls leading to divorce that we can all avoid. You can learn more at


Nancy Perpall: On Love, Law and Divorce




“Probably 75% of the people said to me, in the first interview, I knew I was making a mistake (about getting married).”


“Nobody comes out of of childhood unaffected by some negative issue that arose in their life.”


“Everybody builds an infrastructure inside of themselves to protect themselves.”


“You really have to know yourself, and love yourself and accept yourself.”








Bump in the Road

Everyone hits a bump in the road. The question becomes: What do you do with it?

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