Melissa Foote: Where Do Risk and Reward Come Together?

“I personally think that we choose comfort over passion.”

-Melissa Foote

Bump In The Road:

Melissa Foote on Taking Risks

What is a risk to you?


For most of us, it’s anything outside our comfort zone. And Melissa Foote stepped right outside those boundaries when she left an 18 year teaching career behind to start her own business.

Melissa’s love of teaching had gotten bogged down in many of the group think and administrative aspects of the career. Her last decade of life had been consumed by family, work and school. There was no time left for her. She notes:


“I think as women, we just start our families and then our whole life evolves around family life and we forget to take care of ourselves. And so ten years went by and I was just on autopilot living my life. It was like groundhog day.”


Visiting a women’s business conference snapped her out of her rut.


 I would rather be surrounded by that positive energy that’s just so full of life and excitement than  living the next 10-15 years of my life in an environment where everybody’s just kind of getting by.”


That conference made her realize there is so much more, And with that realization, she changed her life.

Melissa Foote on Taking Risks


“My life was like Groundhog’sDay.”


“I don’t think settling in a job is what is really our grand purpose in life.”


“So I got very intentional.”


“You should definitely get out of your comfort zone, and it requires risks.”


“I share my story to motivate someone who feels like they’re stuck.” 


“Who we surround ourselves with is important.”


“If I wouldn’t have taken those steps, which were very scary, I would be doing the exact same thing, and it would not be bringing me the joy I have now in my life.”




Bump in the Road

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