Pragito Dove: Laughter Meditation

“Everyone is full of infinite possibility; only thing in the way is not believing that.”


-Pragito Dove

Laughter Meditation
Laughter Meditation

Laughter Meditation: Expressing Your Emotions


Laughter Meditation

Techniques like laughter meditation help quiet the mind and bring integration between the mind, body and soul.



Pragito Dove was born in London Her early childhood was difficult in a dysfunctional family. It caused her to shut down her heart and left her full of anger, fear and pain. When her son was born, she knew she had to heal and change the intergenerational paradigm she had inherited.

The teachings of Osho, a spiritual leader and teacher in India, included a wide range of expressive meditation techniques that resonated with Pragito. So she picked up with her 14 month old son and headed to India where she studied various expressive techniques such as laugher meditation. Osho saw something in his young student that she couldn’t see, and he took her under his wing.

Pragito has gone on to teach laughter mediation and other expressive techniques. She has helped many people uncover the magic of silence and soulful connection. Through her courses and books, she guides students towards greater authenticity, awareness and health. Combining ancient practices from the Sufi and Buddhist perspectives, she uses timeless principals to address to the problems of modern day life.

Laughter meditation is one of her favorite expressive techniques.


“You can’t be worried and laugh at the same time.  Laughter will win every time.”


Laughter clears the throat chakra and connects us to our soul. The connection is often disrupted by suppressed emotions such as anger, pain and fear. And these emotions suppress our joy, laughter, playfulness, sense of fun, and creativity. Removing these negative emotions opens up one’s world. And laughter meditation is both a fun and effective way to do this.

In laughter mediation the combination of expressive energy (laughing) juxtaposed with the silence of  a short mediation, clears the mind. It’s simple and powerful. And laughter mediation is something that anyone can master.

Pragito’s website offers courses to guide you towards a more awakened and authentic self. She’s written numerous books. Her recent book, Lunchtime Enlightenment: Expressive Meditations for Manifesting Peace, Prosperity and Passion is a compilation knowledge reflecting her passion for teaching.



This is a must read for the spiritual seeker in all of us. And this podcast is a must listen.


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Laughter Meditation:  “It just makes me feel so great!”


Pragito’s knowledge is based on the combination of personal experiences and decades of studying and teaching. While laughter meditation may be one of her favorite expressive techniques, she has an arsenal of others that help people combine present moment awareness with self reflection for greater consciousness. Ultimately,


“Everything that is happening is to bring us to greater awareness.”


We just have to be present to learn from what life presents to us.

In the second part of this podcast, Pragito and I explore laughter meditation and other techniques that help people transform anger, grief, and fear into peace, love, and wisdom. Listen for free by signing up as a BumpII Subscriber. Use the code FREEMONTH.

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Pragito Dove On Presence, Laughter Meditation, and Finding Peace


“As I started my own healing journey, I ran into the woo factor. I tightened up inside and resisted. The words were fuzzy and didn’t connect for me. It was a language of intuitiveness and heart, and my heart was firmly rooted in what I thought was reality. But I would learn that my so called reality wasn’t so very real at all. And it wasn’t helping me.”


“The mind expects everything to be a linear progression forward.” 


“The mind thinks it knows everything and it doesn’t.”


“The whole trick of it is to learn to disidentify from the mind. The minds knows facts but has no wisdom. Wisdom comes from the heart.”


“Trust is an inner knowing. Trust resides in the heart. It’s your connection to the Universe. When you have trust to turn to, here is nothing to worry about.”


“Authenticity is your soul connected to the personality.”










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