Finding Truth By Way Of Joseph Campbell

“Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey gave me new perspective.”

–Wendy Wagner, PhD


Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey


If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood saga, it was probably inspired by Joseph Campbell. From Star Wars to The Matrix,  Joseph Campbell’s work in comparative mythology and religion has exerted significant influence over the art of storytelling. He sees all mythic narratives “as variations of a single great story” (Wikipedia). In short, myths are metaphors.

In the story the hero (the person on a quest) goes through a set of challenges, setbacks, and triumphs. And the pattern repeats in both story and in life, here, and around the world. The timeless human narrative of adventure and self discovery is both old as the ages and new to every generation.

The 1988 PBS Series with Bill Moyers, The Power of Myth explores Joseph Campbell’s insights into the role of heroes and their stories. Sadly, the series is only available on Vimeo for a  fee. But here is an overview of the Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. If you’re not familiar with Joseph Campbell, please take the time to watch this.



Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell’s timeless book The Power of Myth

Wendy’s journey was, in so many ways, Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. She sought answers to some of humanity’s timeless questions. She faced obstacles and setbacks. And ultimately, on a quest to find timeless truth, she found the path to the answers she sought.

Listen in on the first part of our conversation below where Wendy comes home only to face her family’s rejection and lack of support or understanding.


“When setting out on a journey do not seek advice from someone who never left home.”

– Rumi


Wendy’s quest was simply incomprehensible to her family. But as difficult as the rejection was, Wendy persevered. Normally, the finale would be available only to Bump II subscribers. But Wendy has asked me to share this with everyone, because the conclusion is so stunning and full of wisdom. So here is both part one and part two of this remarkable tale.



​Bump In The Road:

Wendy Wagner, Part Four

The Hero’s Journey


“The whole journey was a journey into all the ways I thought I would find God, I would find salvation.

Guidance was saying you had to go all the wrong ways to find the correct way.”


In this incredibly moving finale to this series, Wendy untangles her journey, to find the deep insights and wisdom and the universal truths that have emerged from her quest. This is a a must listen.

Here are the previous episodes:

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Here is the second part of the conversation, available to everyone, at Wendy’s request.



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